Cefalù is the most vibrant of our destinations; a small town known for its picturesque historic centre with direct access to a wonderful beach. Sicily’s climate in autumn is normally still mild enough to allow swimming in the sea.

Cefalù is situated only 65 km east of Palermo, and together the two towns boast numerous noteworthy ancient monuments. Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Church of Cefalù together form a series of religious and community buildings dating from the era of the Norman kingdom of Sicily. Collectively, they are an outstanding example of a socio-cultural union between Western, Islamic and Byzantine cultures and, as such, are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The mountains of the Cefalù hinterland and the Parco delle Madonie natural reserve are ideal for both restful recreation and animated activities.

Sinfonietta Cefalù
5th - 14th October 2018

Conductor: Julius Kalmar
Viola: Vincenzo Schembri

BARTÓK, Viola Concerto
BEETHOVEN, Symphony No. 7

THE POWER OF RHYTHM. Beethoven‘s 7th Symphony has been described as “an orgy of rhythm”. The composer enjoyed wrong-footing his audiences’ acoustic expectations and making his music do exactly what they were not used to – and to great effect. Richard Wagner called this work “the apotheosis of the dance” and it was so unusual for its time, Carl Maria von Weber even thought that Beethoven should be sent to the mad-house for it.

However, a door had been opened and subsequent composers were able to build on these carefully-laid foundations. Among those composers was Bela Bartók, who treated that noble romantic instrument – the grand piano – as a member of the percussion section. According to the jazz musician Dániel Szabó, the 20th century cannot boast a single composer who dealt with rhythm in a more masterful way than Bartók. With the exception of Stravinsky who also represents an important source of inspiration for many jazz musicians, Bartok’s polymetric structures, assymetric patterns, unexpected accents, rapid movements filled with astounding rhythmic energy and the importance of rhythm as an organising element raise him far higher than any of his contemporaries. The Swiss conductor Paul Sacher talks about the rhythmic elemental force of his works.

What better location for a performance of Bartók’s Viola Concerto – a work widely considered the most famous concerto for that instrument – than the volcanic island of Sicily.

On this Symphonic Holiday, the final concert will be in support of the Afghanistan National Institute of Music and its Afghan Women's Orchestra. Read more...

Registration is still possible for violin and viola.

Arrival of the participants in Cefalù

rehearsals (sectionals and tutti) will be in the morning until lunch and in the evening after an early dinner. Rehearsals in the afternoon might sometimes be scheduled if needed. Instruction by the coaches will be given on the first three days.

In the afternoons you can explore Cefalù, relax on the beach or make short sightseeing trips to near places.

9th or 10th OCTOBER
A day off, no rehearsals are scheduled. At the request of the participants we can organize various excursions, that might include: An outing to Palermo; a trip to the Valley of the Temples (Agrigento); a day out at the seaside or a hiking tour through the wonderful Natural Reserve Parco delle Madonie with its great variety of flora and fauna and stunning scenery.

In the evening we will have our final concert and a farewell dinner.


BARTÓK: wood winds 2(pic).2.2.2, brass, timp, perc, strings
BEETHOVEN: wood winds, brass, timp, strings

Conductor: Julius Kalmar
Soloist and coach violas: Vincenzo Schembri
Coach winds: Jaime Gonzáles
Coach violins: Rodrigo Bauzá and Donato Cuciniello
Coach cellos: Constance Ricard

Please do also read our general information with frequently asked questions on Symphonic Holidays.

The participants will be accommodated in various apartments in the historic centre of Cefalù. Single or double rooms

We will take our meals (lunch and dinner) together at the seafront restaurant "Al Gabbiano". For the welcome dinner and the farewell dinner we will be at the restaurant "Al Porticciolo".

The nearest airports are Palermo and Catania. Train services from Palermo to Cefalù (approx. 1 h). Bus services from Catania to Palermo. We try to organize direct shuttle service from the airport to Cefalù if there is a sufficient number of requests at the same time. We are happy to help you with organizing your trip!

875,- € (students: 540,- €) including accommodation, meals (lunch and dinner) and instruction. For the single room we charge a supplement of 160,- €. Not included are travel expenses and expenses on excursions. The reduced fees for students is limited to the number of five spaces on this Symphonic Holiday.

If you wish to book this programme kindly use the booking form or send us an e.mail (mail@dacapo-travel.eu, writing in English, German, French or Italian). Your booking is binding as soon as we have confirmed it.

A down payment of 150, € is due at the time we confirm your booking, the rest six weeks before the holiday.

UPDATE 31st March 2018
Due to the number of participants that have already booked, we are happy to confirm this Symphonic Holiday. Meaning that it certainly will take place and won’t be cancelled, allowing you now to make your travel arrangements.

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Bartók, Viola Concerto

Violin I
Violin II
Double bass
Timpani, Percussion

Beethoven, Symphony No. 7

Violin I
Violin II
Double bass
Flute I + II
Oboe I + II
Clarinet I + II
Bassoon I + II
Horn I + II
Trumpet I + II